Can a child be sued for not attending their friend’s birthday?

Yes the the title sounds ridiculous so far, yes I may be exaggerating just a tiny bit, yes I know where I am going with this… but all jokes aside, is such a thing possible? yes. Here is the article

So apparently this five year old boy was supposed to attend a friends birthday party, but couldn’t make it and the child’s parents told who ever paid for the party that he couldn’t make it beforehand. Now this is starting to sound more and more unreasonable by the second.

Derek Nash and Tanya Walsh, found a £15.95 no show fee, according to the guardian and it was in Alex’s bag. Alex is the boy who didn’t attend.

Now at this point, it doesn’t matter who or what is in the wrong, you don’t threaten to take legal action in a small claims court against a child, you don’t put a child through that. I am not saying they aren’t allowed to do it… just pretty much looked down upon. The woman who is responsible for this ‘no show fee’ is Julie Lawrence, the birthday boys mother, according to the guardian.

£15.95 may be expensive to some, but it’s almost as though they are trying to force them to attend… that is the sort of vibe this whole article is giving out. I surely do hope this doesn’t become a thing in the future, where kids in this day and age must attend a party or else they will be threatened with an invoice! Deluded woman, poor child.


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