Emojis in general are a great way to express different forms of emotions to people, without having to tell them what emotion you currently experiencing. It’s also a great way to describe individuals….

Now, If I simply said to you ‘Headteacher’, what sort of words come to mine? serious perhaps? Angry? well you can simply use an angry emoji to describe them!

Now, if I said to you ‘comedian’, what sort of words to mind? happy perhaps? laughable, funny? You can use either a happy emoji or simply use a laughing emoji,

It can be fun and I do believe that these things are slowly starting to take over a little bit towards the English language in itself. It can really add more life to things such as messaging one another, a great way to add some sort of emotion to your writing. You can also simply not write anything at all and use an emoji as a response, which usually depends on the context just so the receiver knows what you are talking about.


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