Politicians speaking slang?

The title says it all. Politicians speaking slang? Is this really going to be a thing? We all may have our own view on politicians, some believe them to be a bunch of liars, some may believe them to be such amazing human beings with a natural talent of lying, who knows.

Despite all the jokes being made, we do perceive them as educated human beings with a very professional career path, so we can’t really imagine them speaking slang. Do we want that to be a thing? personally, no, would it be funny? yes but these are people whom we are meant to trust, so I’d rather skip the whole mental scenario where in 50 years down the line a bunch of MPs are speaking like a bunch of idiots.

We would pretty much look like a joke compared to the rest of the world, However, what if the rest of the worlds MPs started speaking slang? You’re right, let’s not go there.

We have all been there though, speaking slang amongst ourselves or to other individuals, such as your friends, or just simply wanting to look cool to another individual who’s very fluent in the whole slang thing. I can be quite fluent in the whole slang thing myself, due to the sort of people I grew up with and still talk to, so the point that is being made is that such a thing depends on how one grew up and who they grew up with, so that’s why I personally find it hard to imagine politicians speaking slang in the future, hilarious.



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