School shooting threats are not a joke

This article says it all. An Emory student says the threats she made about the shootings of her campus is all just a joke, well that makes it all perfectly fine, doesn’t it? (sarcasm).

You know what makes it worse? Posting such threats on an anonymous app where anyone around your area can see it, known as Yik Yak. This girls’ name is Emily Hikari Sakamoto. Why would you say such a thing and later just tell the police it’s all a joke? Personally this can either go two ways, she’s just saying she is joking because she’s been caught, or she is stupid enough to make such a so called joke in the first place. Either way, I won’t stand for such a thing and allow other students to be worried, especially when there had been horrific school shootings in the past.

Whether one admits it’s a joke or not, you should get a prison sentence, and you should get a criminal record. If it was all such a joke, why post it on an anonymous app instead of a page that shows your full identity? People will fear for their lives if they read such a thing and police must always treat this as a potential threat, even after they are told it was a joke.

Yes I am getting tired of typing the word ‘joke’, but a big threat like that and then to simply say you’re ‘joking’, no… I won’t stand for it. I would fear for my life if I ever read such a thing on an anonymous app.


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