signs, representations and a bit of meaning…!

Despite this being a very broad topic, signs have a very interesting way of explaining certain things to us, including how they are represented and their very broad meaning. To make it very simple for you, what do you do if you see a no cigarettes allowed sign? we simply do not smoke cigarettes in that specific location. Pretty common sense right?

Let’s go a bit deeper… much deeper.

Zodiac signs. Of course everyone belongs to a specific zodiac sign, which we believe defines their characteristics as a whole, but of course not all of us believe in these things, but these are still signs. Whatever zodiac sign we are doesn’t matter at this point, all that’s being explained is that zodiac signs have their own representations of us as people and there are deep meanings behind them, that some of us believe (even me…).

Now let’s go back a bit.

Technological advancements are being made everyday. Let’s say I want to send someone a love card and inside it is a picture of a heart. In this modern day and age, such a thing can be looked down upon and can result in calling one another… a creep, however if I were to do that through text messaging such as ‘Whatsapp’, it would be much more socially acceptable, right?

I will go back just a tiny bit more now.

Lol, Lmao, Rofl, are all signs of laughter, they represent the fact that the speaker is laughing. Depending on the context, the meaning can vary. Sometimes it can be used during awkward scenarios, which is a way of  saying ‘this is awkward so I will laugh help with the tension’, or the user of these are generally laughing, which is a way of saying ‘haha this is so funny’. Brb is a type of sign in order to represent the fact that the user is busy and will be right with you very shortly. However… it can be a way of avoiding someone. (Although this hasn’t happened to me personally…), now why would one choose to avoid someone? simply because they are annoying.



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