Women, politics and the colour pink!

In this day and age, both men and women have equal rights, which will include things such as free speech, even wages and politics. Women have of course come a long way since the beginning of mankind. Maybe I am being a little bit dramatical, but it’s true. Years back, women didn’t even have the right to vote whereas today they have as much right as the rest of us.

There are now plenty of female politicians and MPs. Obviously this is a very good thing, we really have come a long way. However, there are still things that socially separate both genders. One example is the colour pink. If I were to give a man a free pink shirt, the chances of him accepting it would a lot lower than a woman accepting it,  if I were to give a woman this, the chances of her accepting it would be higher than a man. The point that is being made, there are still things that separate us that I believe shouldn’t, since there really is no need. We even had a female Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. Although that is very impressive and such good news due to how far we had come, as Humans, we still only had one female Prime Minister, whereas the rest were men. We are almost there!

Why would pink not be socially accepted by men? This is most likely due to the way it’s portrayed within the media. So are we saying it is too feminine? What does it mean for it to be too feminine? basically, it is just a concept that we, as humans, gave and created ourselves, as we had added value to money. We can potentially change such interpretations that separate us and brings us closer together. We had already come a long way an this is still happening. One example are leggings. It used to be just a female thing, but the whole concept changed completely, thus introducing ‘Long Johns’, leggings made for men! The point that is being made here is that it’s the little things that are bringing both genders together.


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